What is the Safer Drivers Course?

The Safer Drivers Course is carefully tailored for young learners. This two-module course is packed with information about the risks that come with driving and how to mitigate them. The things you’ll learn from this class will be immediately useful in everyday situations. While this course is not designed to teach you to operate a motor vehicle, it is has been professionally developed to help you immediately recognise a safety-compromising situation and minimise the risk to your personal safety on the road.

Why is proactive safe driving important, especially for new drivers?

Since the statistics are overwhelming. Nearly 20% of NSW roadway fatalities in 2016 were young drivers aged 17-25. We’re here to make sure that you are equipped with effective and useful skills to keep yourself safe on the road. Staying alive and staying safe is definitely Awesome.

What is SDC Course
Safe Driving Course

In The SDC Course You'll Learn:

  • Recognise how driver behaviour can increase the risk of a crash
  • Resist the impacts of peer influence, passenger behaviour and other every day distractions
  • Build and implement strategies to combat typical lifestyle pressures and high-risk behaviour
  • Practice these new habits every day so they become tools for a lifetime of driving

To be Eligible You Need To:

  • Hold a valid NSW Learner License 
  • Be under 25 years of age
  • Have completed 50 logbook hours (of actual road experience and not include credits from the 3 for 1 professional instruction scheme)
  • Enrol now for $140 and receive 20 hours of logbook credit