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Free Safer Drivers Course

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What Is The Safer Drivers Course Concessions Application?

The Safer Drivers Course Concession Application refers to an application process in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, where eligible participants can apply for a concession or discount on the cost of the Safer Drivers Course. The Safer Drivers Course is a program designed to help learner drivers develop safe driving skills and reduce the risk of accidents on the road. To make the course more accessible to learners who may be facing financial constraints, the NSW government offers a concession or discounted rate for eligible participants. The Safer Drivers Course Concession Application is the process by which learners can apply for this concession.

The eligibility criteria and application process may vary. To check eligibility, submit the Safer Drivers Course Concession Application form with a copy of your driver’s license to and we will be in touch with more details.

Government Backed Initiative: Free Safer Drivers Course For Low Income Families In Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast & Other Areas Of NSW

The New South Wales government has introduced an exciting initiative aimed at promoting road safety and empowering low income families who meet eligibility requirements. This program offers discounted or free safer drivers course for low income families in NSW. This is a Safer Drivers Courses provided to those who are currently receiving Centrelink benefits and hold a Pensioner Concession Card. The Safer Drivers Course is an innovative training program designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of new drivers, helping them become safer and more confident on the roads. By providing this opportunity to eligible individuals, the government aims to reduce accidents and promote responsible driving habits among the community.

The Benefits of the Safer Drivers Course

Participating in the Safer Drivers Course can bring numerous benefits to new drivers. Firstly, this program offers free or discounted driving lessons, making it more accessible for individuals who may face financial constraints. By removing the financial barrier, the government is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive high-quality driver training. Secondly, the Safer Drivers Course focuses on developing safe driving techniques, hazard perception, and risk management skills. Participants will learn valuable strategies to anticipate and avoid potential dangers on the road, making them better equipped to handle various driving situations. These skills not only enhance road safety but also contribute to a more confident and responsible driving experience.

What is Learned in the Safer Drivers Course

The Safer Drivers Course provides a comprehensive curriculum that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of safe driving. Participants will learn important topics such as defensive driving techniques, understanding road rules and regulations, managing distractions, and developing hazard perception skills. The course combines interactive classroom sessions with on-road driving practice, allowing participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios. Additionally, the program emphasises the importance of attitude and responsibility while driving, promoting a culture of safety and respect on the roads. By completing the Safer Drivers Course, eligible individuals can expect to enhance their driving skills, increase their awareness of potential risks, and ultimately become safer and more responsible drivers.

To determine eligibility for this government initiative, interested individuals are required to fill out a simple form. This form assesses whether they meet the criteria of receiving Centrelink benefits and holding a Pensioner Concession Card. By offering free or discounted Safer Drivers Courses, the government is committed to equipping new drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the roads safely, promoting a safer and more responsible driving culture in New South Wales.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get free safer drivers course in NSW?

Here at Awesome SDC, we are a private organisation that provide free safer drivers course in NSW. Learner drivers must have a valid NSW Learner’s License, be receiving Centrelink benefits and hold a current Pensioner Concession Card. To check whether you are eligible, contact Awesome SDC or complete our Safer Drivers Course Application Form.


Do driving lessons count for more hours in NSW?

Yes, in NSW, driving lessons with a licensed driving instructor are counted as 3 hours in your learner driver logbook for every 1 hour of driving. Here at Awesome SDC in NSW, we also provide a Safer Drivers Course that results in 20 hours accredited to your learner driver logbook for just 5 hours of learning.


How many hours do learner drivers need in NSW to get a license?

In NSW, learner drivers are required to log a total of 120 hours of supervised driving practice before they can apply for a provisional (P1) driver's license. This requirement includes a minimum of 20 hours of night driving experience. The supervised driving practice must be recorded in a learner driver logbook.

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