Safer Drivers Course at Wallsend

Do you want 20 hours in your logbook?

The RMS accredited Safer Drivers Course is just what you need and we can provide it to you at Awesome SDC! This 2 module 5 hour course = 20 hours in your logbook!

To be eligible you will need:

  • A current NSW learner licence,
  • Under 25 years of age,
  • Logged 50+ hours in your logbook 

Do you live near Wallsend?

The Awesome SDC Wallsend Safer Driving Course is held at the Wallsend District Library and run by a local facilitator. 

The courses run on Saturdays, Sundays and the school holidays.

Do you want extra knowledge to become a safer driver before driving independently on your P's?

This 5 hour course allows learners to pocket 20 bonus hours in their logbooks while also gaining knowledge on speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness, peer pressure when behind in the wheel, how to minimise driver accidents, and ultimately safer driving techniques. 

  • Module 1 is 3 hours interactive workshop.
  • Module 2 is 2 hour coaching session in a vehicle with an instructor.

What is the cost to do the NSW Safer Drivers Course?

The cost is $140 or FREE for learners who are concession holders! If you hold a concession health care card or pension card - give our office a call on 0416 161 024 to process your application or email us

How do I book in for the Wallsend Awesome SDC Safer Drivers Course? 

GO TO and click on NEWCASTLE / HUNTER REGION and then WALLSEND to book online or call 0416 161 024 and one of our friendly office team can help! 


Call our office on 0416 161 024 and one of our helpful staff will answer any questions you may have or book you in!

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