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 Castle Hill Safer Drivers Course

 Awesome SDC

What is the Safer Drivers Course? 

Awesome SDC is a NSW provider of the TFNSW Safer Drivers Course.The Safer Drivers Course is carefully tailored for young learners. This course is packed with information about the risks that come with driving and how to mitigate them. The things you’ll learn from this class will be immediately useful in everyday situations. You won’t learn how to operate a motor vehicle here, this course is all about being able to immediately recognise a safety-compromising situation and minimise the risk to your personal safety on the road. 

The two-module course involves a theory and practical component and is 5 hours in total. Students complete the theory component first and is held for 3 hours at the venue in a class setting by a qualified facilitator with interactive videos and group discussions. For the practical component, local driving instructors are used to complete Module 2 and goes for 2 hours with two students in the car. The Safer Drivers Course provides learners with 20 hours in their logbook.

Why is proactive safe driving important, especially for new drivers? 

Since the statistics are overwhelming. Nearly 20% of NSW roadway fatalities in 2016 were young drivers aged 17-25. We’re here to make sure that you are equipped with effective and useful skills to keep yourself safe on the road. Because staying alive is definitely awesome.

How do I book in for the Castle Hill course?  

GO TO and click on SYDNEY and then CASTLE HILL to book online or call 0416 16024 and one of our friendly office team can help! 

Where and When are the Castle Hill Awesome SDC courses held? 

The Awesome SDC Castle Hill Safer Driving Course is held at the Quest Apartments Castle Hill and run by a local facilitator.
The courses run on Saturdays, Sundays and the school holidays.
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