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What is the Safer Drivers Course?

Learn how to drive safer with our course which is carefully tailored for young drivers with a learner license. This course is packed with information about the risks that come with driving and how to mitigate them. The things you’ll learn from this class will be immediately useful in everyday situations and help you become a better, more confident defensive driver. While this course is not designed to teach you to operate a motor vehicle, it has been professionally developed to help you immediately recognise a safety-compromising situation and minimise the risk to your personal safety on the road and understand specific vehicle dynamics. This course can help you understand speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness, safe following distances, and how to keep driving safely when you get distracted. This includes: a 3-hour group discussion with other learners a 2-hour coaching session in a vehicle with another learner.

Why Is The Safer Drivers Course Important?

The statistics are overwhelming. Nearly 20% of NSW roadway fatalities in 2021 were young drivers aged 17-25. That doesn't sit right with us, so we’re here to make sure that every driver who goes through our Safer Drivers Course is equipped with effective and useful skills to keep themselves safe on the road. Those who successfully complete this driver education course are much calmer, more aware and safer on the roads, we exist for the purpose of making sure that your learner driver gets to their location and back as safely as possible. 

The Safer Drivers Course is a training program in NSW designed to help learner drivers improve their skills and become safer on the road. These courses typically cover a range of topics, including defensive driving techniques, proper vehicle maintenance, and the rules of the road. By taking the Safer Drivers Course in NSW, drivers will learn valuable skills that can help them avoid accidents and stay safe on the road. The Safer Drivers course is a great investment for any driver who wants to improve their skills and become a safer, more confident driver on the road. 

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In This Course You'll Learn:

  • How driver behaviour can increase the risk of a crash
  • Resist the impacts of peer influence, passenger behaviour, and other everyday distractions
  • Build and implement defensive driving strategies to combat typical lifestyle pressures and high-risk behaviour
  • Practice these new habits every day so they become tools for a lifetime of driving

To be Eligible You Need To:

  • Hold a valid NSW Learner License 
  • Be under 25 years of age
  • Have completed 50 logbook hours (of actual road experience and not include credits from the 3 for 1 professional instruction scheme)
  • Enrol now for $140 and receive 20 hours of logbook credit!

Give The Gift Of Safety!

Can't think of a gift for a learner driver in NSW? We've got the perfect one! Investing in the Safer Drivers Course will improve a person's driving skills and knowledge, making them a safer and more responsible driver on the road. There are many benefits to taking a safer drivers course. For one, it can help reduce the risk of accidents and incidents on the road. By teaching drivers about safe driving practices and strategies, a safer drivers course can help drivers avoid common mistakes and hazards that can lead to accidents. 

Purchasing a voucher for the Safer Drivers Course can be a smart investment in the safety and future of a loved one. By improving their driving skills and habits, they can become a safer driver. Purchase A Voucher Today!

20 Hours Off Your Logbook

By taking the Safer Drivers Course, you can knock 20 hours off your logbook, giving you more time to do the things you love. 

Not only will you knock 20 hours off your logbook, but you'll also be a much safer driver on the roads. You will learn invaluable skills and techniques that can help you avoid accidents and stay safe on the road. Plus, with the added hours in your logbook, you can avoid the stress of having to make up the required amount of hours before attempting to get your provisional license. 

$140 for 20 hours off your logbook, and be safer on the road? It's a win-win situation for any driver! 

How It Works

Module 1

(3 hours)

Module One is a 3 hour interactive theory session. You will learn about safe driving behaviours, identifying hazards and low risk driving strategies with our qualified and experienced trainers.

Module 1 SDC

Module 2

(2 hours)

Module Two is a 2 hour practical coaching session. Guided by a professional driving instructor you will take the skills identified in Module One such as Hazard Perception, GapSelection, and Speed Management and put them into practice.

Module 2 SDC

Frequently Asked Questions

The AwesomeSDC Safer Drivers Course runs for 5 hours (3 hour theory, 2 hour practical), which is worth 20 logbook hours.
If you're under 25: you need to record at least 120 hours of driving experience, including 20 hours of night driving.
Although you may be skilled at driving, you cannot predict or control the actions of other drivers, the weather conditions, or potential hazards on the road such as debris or mechanical issues. It is important to be aware of these potential dangers and to know how to react and respond to them in order to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers.
At Awesome Safety Driver Course in NSW, we provide reputable driving lessons and safety courses throughout NSW. We have years of experience in the industry and can help you to become a better driver.
In a driving lesson you should learn basic driving skills and techniques, as well as how to operate the vehicle safely and responsibly, as well as driving manoeuvres to prepare for driving on the roads.
In NSW, the minimum age to begin taking driving lessons is 16 years old.
To obtain a Learner Licence, a person must pass a Driver Knowledge Test and complete an Eyesight Test. It is essential to hold a learner license before beginning driving on the roads.

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